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Independent review of database incident complete

3 February 2017

Chief Executive message for members 

The iDcare independent review of the NZNO privacy breach concluded that the response to the phishing e-mail was unintentional and not as a result of any deliberate action by staff to compromise member information. It provides NZNO with eight recommendations to improve its systems, staff awareness and training about phishing emails. NZNO intends to act swiftly on these recommendations.

The report reiterates my message to you about being highly aware of fake emails. It states that phishing emails and other SPAM will be an ongoing problem and reiterates that being on alert for fake emails is a must in this modern internet environment.

A copy of the independent review report can be found here. 

The communications email address ( will remain open for the next few months for you to contact us for advice about this matter going forward.

Chief Executive

Memo Musa



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