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Celebrating midwives on 5 May

4 May 2015

Midwives, nurses and parents everywhere celebrate International Day of the Midwife tomorrow (5 May). This year’s theme is “Midwives: for a better tomorrow”. 

“Aotearoa is very fortunate to have a system of maternity care that provides women and their whānau with high quality and consistent midwifery care. Women have a trusted midwife that they come to know during their pregnancy and who is supports them as they birth their baby and in the critical first days at home.” New Zealand Nurses Organisation (NZNO) professional nursing adviser, Kate Weston says.

“NZNO supports the work of midwives - in the community, in homes and in hospitals - as they lay the foundations for healthy futures.”

Midwife Joanna Ramsay talks about the joys of being a midwife, “I feel honoured to work in a profession that enables me to participate in that most miraculous of times - that of birth.” 

“To share in that most intimate and beautiful occasion, to witness the opening up, the joy and pain, and the process of recovery. I understand what it is to be with women; midwives and clients alike. To give my love in that work, assisting as I can; a kind word, a helpful insight, an experienced pair of hands, a pot of tea, kindness and encouragement – that is what being a midwife is to me.”

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