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Big pharmaceutical companies don’t want Pharmac to keep medicines affordable

18 August 2015

Tens of thousands of nurses around the country are hoping against hope that Trade Minister, Tim Groser does the right thing and walks away from TPP negotiations

“We’re pro-health, not anti-trade, and we can see this deal would affect the health of all New Zealanders,” says NZNO kaiwhakahaere Kerri Nuku, “As health professionals, we have a duty of care to advocate for our whānau, hapū, iwi and vulnerable patients.”
“John Key has admitted that the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) would increase the cost of drugs because it would allow big pharmaceutical companies to extend their patents and push the smaller generic players out of the market.”
“Pharmac is a world leading drug-purchasing framework that allows a small country like ours to get the best deals possible.”
“We’re sure big pharmaceutical companies want Pharmac to fail, not just for us, but for any other country looking to implement it,” Nuku says.
“Increasing the price of medicines will not only affect sick people but well people who will not be able to access the medicines that will stop them getting sick in the first place.”
“Please, Mr Groser, consider the best interests of New Zealanders, listen to the nurses, and walk away from the TPPA.”

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