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Who can you rely on?

7 September 2015

A new initiative to help end gender-based pay discrimination is being launched today. ‘We’re relying on you’ is a website that asks women MPs to sign a pledge to support pay based on the job, not the gender, and to never support gender-based discrimination of pay. 

The pledge is supported by three unions who are currently pursuing equal pay through the Courts, the New Zealand Nurses Organisation, Service and Food Workers Union Ngā Ringa Tota and the Public Service Association Te Pūkenga Here Tikanga Mahi.

It has been illegal to pay men and women differently for over 40 years but sadly a whole generation of women has been short-changed by the law not being upheld. Now the next generation faces the same struggle for equality.

A woman’s pay affects her and all the people in her life who rely on her paid and unpaid support. When women are paid less because of their gender, whole communities miss out.

Women MPs understand that gender-based pay discrimination is bigger than politics. We are sure we can rely on them to pledge their support for the principles of fair pay.

We hope the Politicians Pledge is the start of a cross-party commitment to end the gender pay gap. Our communities deserve better.



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