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Quality care must be the priority - Capital and Coast DHB needs at least an extra $16 million

23 May 2016

NZNO delegate Freya HeadNew Zealand Nurses Organisation (NZNO) delegate and registered nurse Freya Head is one of many  calling on the Government to invest to invest at least $16 million over what is expected for Capital and Coast DHB Thursday's Budget, just to maintain Wellington's health care services.

"I decided to become a nurse because I knew I wanted to be in a profession that was people-focused. Couple that with my love for science, and nursing seemed like a good choice" she says.

"But now care rationing has become normal. It's impossible to describe the feeling you get when you go home from work knowing that you haven't been able to give the care your patients deserve. You've had to skip your lunch break and apologise profusely for not having time to wash or turn your 93 year old patient, and now you're praying they don't end up with a pressure sore."

"The nursing team has been doing more with less for years. It's getting to the point that we're really worried about our colleagues, our patients, our jobs and the level of health care available for Wellington.

"We're nurses. We want to provide high quality care for everyone who needs it and that's what we'd prefer to be doing. But when the health system is underfunded by over a billion dollars - we have to speak up. New Zealanders need to know what's actually going on."

"If our health system was properly funded we could get back to nurses smiling at work, lunch breaks being taken, equipment that works or gets replaced, and most importantly patients leaving the hospital happy, healthy and satisfied with their care."

"We think people in Wellington want great healthcare they can access where and when they need it, too."

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