Join the New Zealand College of Primary Health Care Nurses

The New Zealand College of Primary Health Care Nurses NZNO is a specialty, professional group of NZNO, dedicated to the provision of leadership, support, education and professional development of Primary Health Care Nurses in New Zealand.

You may join the College if you are:

  • A qualified nurse practising in primary health care, and
  • a financial member of NZNO.

Associate Members may join and they may be:

  • Qualified Nurses interested in primary health care. 
  • Bachelor of Nursing students and Enrolled Nursing students interested in primary health care.
  • Allied health professionals interested in primary health care.

Associate members do not hold voting rights or the ability to hold office.

Associate Members who are qualified nurses or nursing students must be financial members of NZNO.

Allied health professionals are not required to be a financial member of NZNO.

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The Benefits of belonging to the College include:

  • Being part of a Specialty Nursing group with a Primary Health Care focus providing leadership and strategic direction
  • Access to professional standards of practice, position description, PDRPs etc.
  • Representation at regional and national policy and decision making forums with feedback to members
  • Regular contact through Regional and National virtual groups
  • Networking through Regional forums
  • An excellent Journal
  • Annual Conference at a discount cost
  • Scholarships and awards
  • Industrial strength
  • The opportunity to have your say as to your future in nursing
  • Full access to the College website

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