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Knowledge and Skills Framework - Principles of Best Practice for the Older Person

Welcome to the NZNO College of Gerontology Nursing Knowledge and Skills Framework. Here you will find a variety of information that will be helpful for your practice, along with key resources for gerontology nursing.

The starting point of this framework is the GERIATRIC 5Ms© – a simplified communication framework to describe the core competencies in Geriatrics in a fashion that should be more comprehensible and more memorable to those outside of the field.


The Geriatric 5Ms


We have permission to use the model as follows:

You have authors' permission to use The Geriatric 5Ms for educational purposes with attribution to the authors and without changes. Include the following copyright statement in all materials: Copyright © 2017 Frank Molnar, Allen Huang, Mary Tinetti. 2017. May be used for educational purposes with full attribution and no alterations.

Gerontology Knowledge and Skills Framework

2. Mind

The Geriatric 5Ms - 2. MindThis section focuses on mental wellness and offers resources for conditions such as depression, delirium, and dementia.

Training and development


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