PDRP COVID-19 Update

NNPC Executive Committee - PDRP activity

Kia ora

Considering the unprecedented circumstances and work situations with COVID-19, it has been agreed by the national Directors of Nursing that PDRP portfolio resubmissions will be granted an extension period of 6 months without allowances being stopped.

DHB PDRP coordinators are working with their Directors of Nursing and developing communication plans to inform the nurses that PDRP portfolio due dates have been extended to 1/10/2020 and ensuring that in the interim allowances won’t cease.

Please contact your local PDRP coordinator for further information.

Take care and look after yourselves.

Professional Development and Recognition Programmes (PDRP)

Professional Development and Recognition Programmes (PDRP) enable nurses and midwives practice to be rewarded and recognised.These programmes support innovation, reflect contemporary practice and are competency based.

Some PDRP programmes have been approved by the Nursing Council of New Zealand and those nurses who are on those programmes are exempt from the Nursing Council continuing competency audit process.

For nurses and midwives in the DHB setting there is provision and remuneration in your agreement that reward your level of practice.

PDRP’s are offered by many employers – DHB’s, NGO’s, Private Hospitals, Aged Care and PHC. Refer to the list of National Coordinator’s below. In addition, some DHB’s offer their programme to community providers.

For midwives employed by DHBs there is a framework that your practice is recognised and rewarded. The midwives model is called the Quality and Leadership Programme (QLP).


Exciting London Nursing Opportunity

The Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust’s Visiting Professional Programmes in Nursing are offered to clinicians who wish to:

  • undertake a period of observership
  • or undertake hands on clinical practice
  • and experience Guy’s and St Thomas’ in operation as a quaternary London teaching hospital.

The Nursing programme is for registered nurses and midwives that are currently working outside of the UK who wish to broaden their knowledge of healthcare, and gain insight into working in the NHS. Programmes typically range from six weeks to twelve months.

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