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The Tube is the official journal of the NZNO Gastroenterology Nurses' College and is published quarterly.

The NZNO Gastroenterology Nurses' College is committed to encouraging the professional development of Gastroenterology Nurses in New Zealand and the journal strives to reflect this.

We welcome articles that will be of interest to nurses working in the fields of gastroenterology, related clinical practice, research and education.

Urgently required – your article for publication!

Your articles e.g. case studies, research, assignments, unit reports etc

Please send to Karen Clarke  – details below – for inclusion in the next issue of The Tube.

Editor for "The Tube"
Karen Clarke

Submission deadlines

  • February edition >> 30 December
  • May edition >> 30 March
  • August edition >> 30 June
  • November edition >> 30 September

If you are thinking of submitting something to The Tube please scroll down to Guidelines for Authors.


Guidelines For Authors

The Tube is the official journal of the NZgNC (New Zealand Gastroenterology Nurses' College), and is published quarterly. We welcome articles that will be of interest to nurses working in Gastroenterology and related. Our aim is to publish a high quality, professional and educational journal for nurses working within the specialty of Gastroenterology.

All manuscripts received by the editor will be acknowledged, however, reports, area news or letters to the Editor will not. If you have not received confirmation of receipt within six weeks, please contact the Editor.

Suggestions for articles include:

  • Recommendations for nursing practise based on current global trends/literature
  • Overview of learning achieved through post graduate paper, or conference attendance
  • Review of literary article relevant to best practise
  • Case study relevant to specialty
  • Education for nurses based on sub specialty topic

Editorial review/acceptance

Articles submitted to The Tube are currently reviewed at a minimum by the editor and co-editor. The review will assess the accuracy of fact, clarity of presentation, use of references and relevance to practice of gastroenterology nursing. The editor/co-editor may also request a committee member review any article, particularly if the article is a sub-specialty of gastroenterology nursing and the committee member area of special interest/work.

All articles which are being considered for publication may be reviewed and returned to the author with suggestions for revisions and improvement. The author will be provided with a deadline in which to provide the revised article in order to comply with publication schedule.

The Editor's decision to publish or reject an article is final. You are welcome to email or phone the Editor to discuss your article should it not be accepted for publication.

Structure of Article for submission

The submission should include the following information:

Title Page

  • Title of the Paper (20 word max)
  • Author(s) name(s) in full
  • Qualifications, current position, details of other relevant achievements, and affiliations of author(s)
  • Address, contact telephone numbers, email address of the author(s)
  • Conflict of interest and / or financial disclosure related to the article or related matter

Body of article

  • Title at top of first page
  • The body of work should be clearly written in an academic style of writing, and organised with headings/sub-headings (where appropriate)
  • Pages numbered consecutively
  • Tables, figures (if applicable) should be referred to in the body of the manuscript
  • References (APA 6th Edition)
  • Written authorisation(s) to publish identifiable person(s)/institutions and copyright materials

For the purposes of publication all articles should be formatted in Calibri, font size 10. All work should be saved as MS-Word (.docx) or text only (.txt) files.

All articles must be fully referenced where appropriate (APA 6th Ed)

Authors should keep an original copy of their article.


Articles should be submitted to the editor at editorofthetube@gmail.com.

If submission of your article is as a requirement of a NZgNC Education/Travel Grant, please ensure you submit within the required timeframe of your funding application.

Request Further Information

For advice or clarification on any of the above matters please contact the editorofthetube@gmail.com

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