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The Tube is the official journal of the NZNO Gastroenterology Nurses' College and is published quarterly.

The NZNO Gastroenterology Nurses' College is committed to encouraging the professional development of Gastroenterology Nurses in New Zealand and the journal strives to reflect this.

We welcome articles that will be of interest to nurses working in the fields of gastroenterology, related clinical practice, research and education.

Urgently required – your article for publication!

Your articles e.g. case studies, research, assignments, unit reports etc

Please send to Karen Clarke  – details below – for inclusion in the next issue of The Tube.

Editor for "The Tube"
Karen Clarke

Missing your copy?

If you have not received the latest copy of the NZNO GNS journal The Tube, please contact the editor at editorofthetube@gmail.com.  You must be a member to receive a copy.

Submission deadlines

  • February edition >> 30 December
  • May edition >> 30 March
  • August edition >> 30 June
  • November edition >> 30 September

If you are thinking of submitting something to The Tube please scroll down to Guidelines for Authors.


Nurses subscribe to our journal from almost every Endoscopy/Gastroenterology department in New Zealand. From feedback we've received, we believe it is widely read by Medical, Nursing and Administrative staff working in these departments.

We feel The Tube offers an excellent forum to present product advances within gastroenterology and are always interested in these new developments.

Guidelines For Authors

The Tube is the official journal of the NZNO Gastroenterology Nurses' College and is published quarterly. We welcome articles that will be of interest to nurses working in Gastroenterology and related fields.

All manuscripts received by the editor will be acknowledged, however, reports, area news or letters to the Editor will not. If you have not received confirmation of receipt within six weeks please contact the Editor.

The Editor's decision to publish or reject is final. You are welcome to phone the Editor at any time to discuss your article.

Peer review

Articles currently submitted to The Tube are not currently peer reviewed, however we are in the process of setting up an Editorial panel to do this. Reviewers will be asked to assess accuracy of fact, clarity of presentation, use of references and relevance to practice of gastroenterology nursing.

All articles accepted for publication may be returned to the Author with suggestions for revisions. Articles are subject to normal editing procedures. Minor changes to spelling and grammar will be made without notification.

We are currently seeking to set up our review panel. If you are interested in joining The Tube review panel please contact the Editor detailing your name, current place of work, experience and areas of particular interest.

Format and references

The Title page should list the following information:

  • Title of the paper
  • Author (s) name(s) in full.
  • Qualifications and current position, plus some details of other achievements for the bioptic.
  • Address, telephone (home and work), fax numbers and e-mail address for the contact author

For the purposes of publication all articles should be formatted in Calibri, font size 10. All work should be saved as MS-Word (.doc) or text only (.txt) files. All articles should be fully referenced where appropriate.

All Authors should keep an original copy of their article.


Articles should be submitted to the secretary via email - details below.

Author's checklist

  • Title Page
  • Title of the Paper
  • Author(s) name(s) in full.
  • Qualifications, current position, affiliations of author(s)
  • Address
  • Telephone and Fax numbers
  • E-mail address
  • Pages numbered consecutively
  • Title at top of first page
  • Tables, fiqures (if applicable) should be referred to in the boy of the manuscript
  • References
  • Written authorisation(s) to publish identifiable person(s)/institutions and copyright materials

Published articles databank

As many of our members are involved in on- going education and research we provide a databank of our published articles.

Request Further Information

For advice or clarification on any of the above matters please contact the secretary:

Jeanette Shaw

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