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Education Grant

The NZNO Cancer Nurses College (CNC) has an education grant to assist people to attend or participate in events related to cancer nursing that will further their knowledge base of the field they are working i.e. workshops, conferences, study days, seminars, post graduate study etc.

All members registered with the CNC for at least two years, and who are or are planning to undertake post-graduate studies are invited to apply for the Roche Scholarship. This is a $2,000 scholarship awarded to one nurse to further their knowledge in the field of nursing. As part of this, it is anticipated that the recipient will write an article of their learnings and/or experience to share with colleagues, which may be published in the following CancerNet newsletter.

The CNC NZNO will administer the Roche Scholarship for nurses, and Roche will not influence the selection of recipients.


  • The recipient is a Registered or Enrolled Nurse;
  • The recipient works in the following therapeutic areas: Oncology and Haematology;
  • The grant is used for educational purposes;
  • The grant can only be used to support travel, meals, accommodation and registration fees.

Grant applications must be submitted on the CNC NZNO Grant Application Form.

In 2021, Roche are also offering a one off award of $2,000.00 to one successful applicant to understake post graduate studies. For more information and to apply for any award of this page, click on the NZNO Scholarships and Grants page.

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