College of Stomal Therapy Nursing

The College of Stomal Therapy aims to:

  • Be the recognised professional organisation for all Stomal Therapy Nurses in New Zealand.
  • Recruit nurses practising, identifying with, and/or interested in Stomal Therapy care to belong to the NZNOCSTN Nurses National College.
  • Practice within the protection, partnership and participation principles of the Treaty of Waitangi.
  • Develop and disseminate Standards of Practice for Stomal Therapy Nurses.
  • Provide a communications network for all members including regular newsletters, conferences and disseminating information on issues pertaining to Stomal Therapy Nursing.
  • Liaise with appropriate authorities on social and health issues relevant to Stomal Therapy Nursing and community health.
  • Encourage, promote and provide the development of educational programmes/seminars for Stomal Therapy Nurses and those interested in Stomal Therapy care.
  • Encourage and support research into Stomal Therapy Nursing issues.
  • Actively facilitate the ongoing strategic and professional development of Stomal Therapy Nurses in conjunction with the appropriate health authorities.
  • Promote Stomal Therapy Nursing and increase the profile of Stomal Therapy Nurses.
  • Communicate and liaise with other Stomal Therapy organisations at a national and international level.
  • Support the objectives and activities of NZNO.
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