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    • Networking:  Becoming a member gives you the ability to network among other members. Gastroenterology is a speciality - one that that has grown significantly within the last few years. Nursing specialities will be a focus of the future.
    • Journal - The Tube:  Members receive quarterly publications of The Tube journal (sponsored by Olympus New Zealand Ltd). This provides a platform for Gastroenterology nursing concerns and interests. Members contribute articles on issues that they feel are important to their practice and patient focus. Submitted articles are automatically entered into the Boston Scientific Education Award which is judged annually.
    • Travel/Education Fund:  You can apply to the travel/education fund for financial assistance to attend conferences. It is important that nurses have opportunity to extend their knowledge and to network amongst fellow colleagues and it is recognised that not all centers will be able to provide funding for nurses to attend conference. 
    • Annual General Meeting:  As a member of the Gastroenterology Nurses College you can vote and have your say at the Annual General Meeting held at the NZNO Gastroenterology Conference each year.
    • Conference: Reduced registration fee at the national Gastroenterology conference.

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