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The College of Emergency Nurses New Zealand (NZNO) is part of the professional arm of NZNO, formed especially for Emergency Nurses by Emergency Nurses.

We are committed as a group to the forward movement of our profession in Emergency Care.

Membership now open for the 2019/20 financial year

  • Membership period runs from 1 April to 31 March.
  • Membership must be renewed within 3 months of expiry or privileges will be revoked.

New & Current members 

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Two levels of Membership

Full membership

  • Any qualified nurse that identifies with emergency nursing
  • Financial member of NZNO
  • Pays the annual levy to CENNZ –NZNO. This levy shall be set by the committee annually.

Full members may hold office, have full voting rights and are eligible to apply for financial assistance as offered in the form of scholarships by CENNZ–NZNO.

They are required to pay an annual levy to the college which entitles them to the college magazine which is currently published three times a year. This is presently set at $25 annually.  Paying by credit card will incur an extra $5.00 charge for processing.

Associate Membership

Download the Associate Membership application form (PDF, 452KB) 

  • Qualified nurse interested in emergency nursing but not necessarily in practice. Must be a financial member of NZNO unless resident overseas.
  • Allied health professional interested in emergency care.
  • These are not required to be financial members of NZNO, but may belong to Health Professional NZ (another branch of NZNO). This group may include MRTs, anaesthetic technicians and laboratory technicians.
  • Members of consumer groups who have an interest in emergency care, who are not eligible for NZNO membership. This group may include drug company representatives, medical supply company representatives, voluntary care groups like “Friends of the ED” (FEDS).

Associate members are currently not required to pay a levy. They hold no voting rights and are not eligible for financial support administered by the college. Likewise they cannot hold office within the college.

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