Knowledge & Skills Framework

Progress towards the CENNZ Emergency Nursing Knowledge and Skills Framework

The Working Group in action

Work continues towards the formal development of an emergency nursing specific Knowledge and Skills Framework (K&SF). Since the initial background work was commissioned in July 2014 a number of key points have been completed. The time line includes the initial scoping document, completed in 2014, and the establishment of a Working Group to explore and development the K&SF project. A formal introduction of this CENNZ initiative was presented at the 2014 ED Nursing Conference, followed by publication in February 2015 of an article outlining the role, purpose and processes associated with establishing such a framework in the CENNZ journal.

The Working Group have chosen to develop the framework in line with the National Nursing Consortium processes. The first requirement for this is the necessity of demonstrating that the nursing group requesting recognition of a K&SF is a recognised specialty. The second stage requires that the specific aspects of care and unique nature of these are articulated, drawing on the population of that specialty group for endorsement. This has been developed through the Working Group, with a series of initial meetings and then consolidated by seeking feedback and clarification from members of the emergency nursing profession.

At the recent CENNZ Emergency Nursing Conference held in Wellington, 15-16 October 2015, the opportunity was extended to conference delegates to take part in a series of focus groups, seeking consultation around aspects of emergency nursing care. These sessions were well attended, with 29 and 26 participants respectively attending over the two days. Each session was divided into four focus groups, with a targeted topic as a starting point. Questions were posed, specifically around the unique nature of ED care and notes were taken recording the subsequent discussions. There was considerable robust discussion, and participants shared their experience and knowledge freely. This information was subsequently collated, and has been used to inform the development of a draft document.

As the draft document advances, this will be disseminated to members of the College and other key stakeholders, with a view to gathering further feedback. In this way, a process of continuous refinement and improvement will occur, until a stage is reached where the framework is considered ready for final, formal assessment. At present, the focus continues to rest with the determination of core aspects of practice, with the framework of what we might expect from "All, Many, and Some" nurses working within the specialty.

On behalf of the Working Group

Dr Sandra Richardson
November 2015

Knowledge and Skills Framework

The Knowledge and Skills Framework (K&SF)has been placed on the website for members to view prior to the AGM. The K&SF working group would like to thank CENNZ members and Key Stakeholders who reviewed the draft framework document and provided us with feedback. Thirty two submissions were received of which 25 were from individuals and 7 represented groups. Following the receipt of the submissions the working group participated in a 2 day workshop and reviewed and incorporated the feedback into the final document. Obtaining feedback from our members and key stakeholders is a very important part of the process and we appreciate the contribution people have made towards the development of the framework.

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