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CENNZ Grants

The College of Emergency Nurses offers a variety of grants for CENNZ members who are interested in completing further education, such as TNCC courses, conference attendance and post graduate study.

For more information please contact

Grant application form (This form is to be used for all five grants)

CENNZ Education Grant

Outlines the inclusion / exclusion criteria for funding of the CENNZ member to attend professional development opportunities.

CENNZ - Education Grant (116 KB)

Education Grant Postgraduate Study

This fund is available to all full CENNZ members, to provide financial support for CENNZ - NZNO members to participate in post graduate study, be it for Postgraduate Certificate, Postgraduate diploma, Masters or towards a PhD.

CENNZ - Education Grant Postgraduate Study (109 KB)

Conference Grant

This grant is to assist CENNZ-NZNO members to attend the annual College of Emergency Nurses New Zealand-NZNO (CENNZ-NZNO) conference.

Applications must be received by the first of August to enable consideration by the CENNZ-NZNO committee.

CENNZ - Conference Grant (57.1 KB)

Pacific Island Nurse Grant

Award for nurses intending to do voluntary work with Pacific Island colleagues.

Closing date for applications is the 31st of January.

CENNZ - Pacific Island Nurses Grant (101 KB)

Emergency Nursing Leadership Grant

This grant is available annually to two CENNZ members to attend the approved course.

Closing date for 2019 is 30th June.

CENNZ - Emergency Nursing Leadership Grant

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CENNZ Awards

Annually CENNZ members are presented with awards for their contribution to Emergency nursing, these are recognised in a variety of forms and presented at the annual CENNZ AGM.

Kirsty Morton Award

Presented to a participant in the National Triage Course identified by the triage course coordinator and instructors as an outstanding student.

CENNZ - Kirsty Morton Award (106 KB)

AENN Award

This award was established by CENNZ in recognition of the contribution to the Advanced Emergency Nursing role.

CENNZ - AENN Award (129 KB)

Novice Journal Article Publication

The purpose of this award is to acknowledge novice writers who have been published in the CENNZ-NZNO journal.

CENNZ - Novice Journal article publication (59.2 KB)

Honorary Life Membership

Honorary life membership may be bestowed from time to time to any member or ex-member of the College of Emergency Nurses New Zealand – NZNO in recognition of their contribution to emergency nursing in New Zealand.

Such membership is rare and unusual.

All nominations must be sent to the National Committee secretary by 1st March each year.

The official form is available from The Secretary, CENNZ, PO Box 2128, Wellington.

CENNZ - Honoray Life membership (104 KB)

Foundation award

This award acknowledges the individual emergency nurse who has enhanced the profile of and or shown excellence in Emergency Nursing in New Zealand. 

CENNZ - Foundaton Award (107 KB)

If interested or keen at nominate a colleague please don't hesitate to contact

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