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Consultations for feedback

Research - Forensic Science Knowledge and Skills

Wintec - Dr Andrea Donaldson

Research Flyer

Information sheet for Participants

If you are interested in participating in the research, please read the information sheet provided and then complete the following questionnaire by 31 May 2019 using this link

Education and Training

University of Auckland

Medical and Health Sciences

Post Graduate Programmes in Clinical Education

Our courses are suitable for all health professionals who are already involved in educating within their workplace and want to improve their skills. Course Subjects: Teaching and Learning, Assessing Clinical Performance, Learning in Small Groups, Curriculum and Course Design, Clinical Supervision, Simulation and Clinical Skills, Inter-professional Learning, E-learning, Research methods.  Courses are run online with optional face to face workshops. We offer Post-graduate Certificates, Post-graduate Diplomas and Masters in Clinical Education.

Programme Flyer

Clinical Education Post Graduate Handbook

Past Conference Presentations

2017 Conference Presentations

Alex Bartel - Managing sleep and shiftwork

Mike Ardagh - Thinking about thinking

John Chambers - The Older patient in ED

Keith Raymond - Paramedic, St Johns

Kirsty Lewis - Nurse Practioner

Paul Winders - Arterial Lines

Kyle Perrin - Respiratory Medicine in the ED

Peter Boon - Ultrasound Cannulation

2016 Conference Presentations

Jason Shon Bennett - 2016 Reality Check on Health

Dr Stephen Ritchie - Antibiotics

Debbie Hailstone - Managing Sepsis in the Emergency Department

Jo King - Balancing what we know

Sally Hollis - Paediatric Decision Making

Anna-Marie Grace - 5 years Advanced Nursing in Childrens ED

Sharon O'Brien - Development of the Australasian Bronchiolitus clinical practice guideline

Dr Mark Fulcher - Recognising Acute Knee Injuries

Dr Cecilia Rademeyer - Best Care Bundles

Dr Dan Exeter - Recognising Concussion

Dr Karen McCarthy - Headaches in Kids

Mike Neufeld - Paediatric Ketamine Sedation

Dr Sylvia Boys - Burnout among Senior Medical Staff

Sandra Richardson - Developing and Emergency Nursing Knowledge and Skills Framework

Mary McManaway - Coaching and Mentoring

Anne Wroe - Worklife Balance and Managing a Chronic Illness

Jason Shon Bennett - Grow Younger and Healthier

2015 Conference Presentations

Rt Hon Jonathan Coleman - Speech to CENNZ Conference

Aseni Ratnayake  - Chronic Complex Pain

Christine Howard Brown - Spinal Cord Impairment Action Plan 

Desmond Low - Homelessness and the Emergency Department

Olivia Murray - Breaking the Mold:  Fracture Clinic Redesign in the Emergency Department

Sheena Napier - Safe at home, and out of ED

2014 Conference Presentations

Venkataraman Nilakant - Adaptive Resilience

Renee Barrett - Synthetic Cannabinoid Hyperemesis

Anna-Marie Grace/Sally Hollis - Acute Paediatric Oncology

Esther Walker/Zoe Wathey - Haemolysis Project

Suzanne Moran - Hypoxia kills, Hypercarbia happens

D Gorinski/M Kamo - Immunisation Outreach

Dr Tina Bergen - Mental Health

Rosemary Minto - Integrative Healthcare

Jo King - Youth Violence

2014 Poster presentations

Noel Daniel - Adaptive Disaster Risk Reduction Model (ADRRM)

Lisa Fox, Helen Armstrong - Targeting Frailty

Carly Hawkins - Intra Hospital Transfer of Patient Care

Sue Revel - Procedural Sedation in the Emergency Department

Marion Picken - Can ED Nurses safely remove c-collar at triage?

2013 Conference Presentations

Andrew Munro - Chest Pain

Chris Abbott - Airway Management

Jane O'malley - Chief Nurse Update

Justin Moore - Short Stay Units

Linda Chalmers - 6 Hour Target

Martin Woods - Ethical Scenarios

Maxine Mitchell - ECG Examples

Michael Geraghty - Risk

Murtagh Law - De-escalation

Patrick Kelly - Child Protection

Pegg de Bruijn - Internal Cardiac Defibrillators

Tom Jerram - Sepsis Pathway

2011 Conference Presentations

Margaret Barnett-Davidson - Legal Issues for ED nurse managers: a recipe for successful leaders (PDF)

Michael Geraghty - Ordering and interpreting X-rays (PDF)

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