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Consultations for feedback

Past conference Presentations

Consultations for feedback

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Past Conference Presentations

2016 Conference Presentations

Jason Shon Bennett - 2016 Reality Check on Health

Dr Stephen Ritchie - Antibiotics

Debbie Hailstone - Managing Sepsis in the Emergency Department

Jo King - Balancing what we know

Sally Hollis - Paediatric Decision Making

Anna-Marie Grace - 5 years Advanced Nursing in Childrens ED

Sharon O'Brien - Development of the Australasian Bronchiolitus clinical practice guideline

Dr Mark Fulcher - Recognising Acute Knee Injuries

Dr Cecilia Rademeyer - Best Care Bundles

Dr Dan Exeter - Recognising Concussion

Dr Karen McCarthy - Headaches in Kids

Mike Neufeld - Paediatric Ketamine Sedation

Dr Sylvia Boys - Burnout among Senior Medical Staff

Sandra Richardson - Developing and Emergency Nursing Knowledge and Skills Framework

Mary McManaway - Coaching and Mentoring

Anne Wroe - Worklife Balance and Managing a Chronic Illness

Jason Shon Bennett - Grow Younger and Healthier

2015 Conference Presentations

Rt Hon Jonathan Coleman - Speech to CENNZ Conference

Aseni Ratnayake  - Chronic Complex Pain

Christine Howard Brown - Spinal Cord Impairment Action Plan 

Desmond Low - Homelessness and the Emergency Department

Olivia Murray - Breaking the Mold:  Fracture Clinic Redesign in the Emergency Department

Sheena Napier - Safe at home, and out of ED

2014 Conference Presentations

Venkataraman Nilakant - Adaptive Resilience

Renee Barrett - Synthetic Cannabinoid Hyperemesis

Anna-Marie Grace/Sally Hollis - Acute Paediatric Oncology

Esther Walker/Zoe Wathey - Haemolysis Project

Suzanne Moran - Hypoxia kills, Hypercarbia happens

D Gorinski/M Kamo - Immunisation Outreach

Dr Tina Bergen - Mental Health

Rosemary Minto - Integrative Healthcare

Jo King - Youth Violence

2014 Poster presentations

Noel Daniel - Adaptive Disaster Risk Reduction Model (ADRRM)

Lisa Fox, Helen Armstrong - Targeting Frailty

Carly Hawkins - Intra Hospital Transfer of Patient Care

Sue Revel - Procedural Sedation in the Emergency Department

Marion Picken - Can ED Nurses safely remove c-collar at triage?

2013 Conference Presentations

Andrew Munro - Chest Pain

Chris Abbott - Airway Management

Jane O'malley - Chief Nurse Update

Justin Moore - Short Stay Units

Linda Chalmers - 6 Hour Target

Martin Woods - Ethical Scenarios

Maxine Mitchell - ECG Examples

Michael Geraghty - Risk

Murtagh Law - De-escalation

Patrick Kelly - Child Protection

Pegg de Bruijn - Internal Cardiac Defibrillators

Tom Jerram - Sepsis Pathway

2011 Conference Presentations

Margaret Barnett-Davidson - Legal Issues for ED nurse managers: a recipe for successful leaders (PDF)

Michael Geraghty - Ordering and interpreting X-rays (PDF)

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