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Australian College of Perioperative Nurses (ACORN) Journal

This  is a new open access for the Journal of the Australian College of Perioperative Nursing.  This is a great resource for us-and free to use for our members!  

International Nurses Day Report 2024

Dr Pamela F. Cipriano, President, International Council of Nurses

Covid-19 Updates

Position Statements

Interim Position Statement by the Perioperative Nurses College (PNC) of New Zealand (NZNO) on the knowledge and skills considered to be pre-requisite requirements for entry into a formal orientation programme within Post Anaesthetic Care Unit (PACU); Operating Room (OR) and Medical Imaging Nursing (MINZ)

(Statement Pending Endorsement at the PNC AGM October 2020)

Position Statement - New to PACU, OR or MINZ


Nurses’ knowledge and experience of preoperative cognitive assessment for the older elective surgical patient

Paula Rackliff RN PGDipHSc
PACU Team Leader, Boulcott Hospital
MNurs Student, University of Auckland


History of the Perioperative Nurses College  

Since 1974 our origins and evolvement are scattered throughout our journal. Karen hall has compiled a historical journey of the last 39 years, so please sit back and enjoy.

Career Planning in Perioperative Nursing

Perioperative specialty nursing courses/papers available in New Zealand 

PNC Knowledge and Skills Framework

Perioperative nursing is the largest nursing specialty in New Zealand. It is a diverse specialty with care being provided in a number of settings including, but not limited to: preoperative assessment, outpatients, day surgery units, intervention and investigation units, radiological departments, surgical inpatient units, operating rooms and post anaesthetic care units.

The PNC through their Perioperative Nursing Knowledge and Skills Framework (PNK&SF) acknowledges the multifaceted and dynamic nature of perioperative nursing across the three scopes of practice: enrolled, registered and nurse practitioner. The purpose of the PNK&SF is foremost to inform health providers, health practitioner and the public of the skills and knowledge required in the perioperative setting. It also supports nurses to deliver high-quality and safe care to people undergoing a surgical or procedural intervention.

We encourage all perioperative staff including managers to utilise the framework to support the training and practice of nursing staff in the myriad of roles that the perioperative continuum offers.

The framework is available to down load and print free of charge from the link on this page or purchase from the secretary for a cost of $20.00 inclusive of postage and packaging.  Click on the image below to download.

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