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NZ Child Health Nursing Knowledge and Skills Framework

The Child Health Nursing Knowledge and Skills Framework has been developed to describe the generic capabilities nurses need to deliver quality care to children and their families/whānau.

The Framework was developed by the NZNO College of Child and Youth Nurses (CCYN)

To view this document please follow this link:NZ Child Health Nursing Knowledge and Skills Framework

National Youth Health Nursing Knowledge and Skills Framework 2014

Maureen Morris, chair of the Consortium, congratulates the National Youth Health Nurses Reference Group, Society of Youth Health Professionals Aotearoa New Zealand, and the Auckland School Nurses Group on receiving a five year endorsement for their knowledge and skills framework until May 2019.  Access the framework HERE

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Newborn Pre-enrolment Toolkit

The Newborn Pre-enrolment Toolkit and the instructional video are now available on the Ministry of Health's Website. The toolkit and video provide:

  • information about the Preliminary Newborn Enrolment policy aims and rationale
  • a step-by-step guide on the preliminary newborn enrolment process
  • an algorithm for newborn pre-enrolment
  • the newborn pre-enrolment business rules
  • frequently asked questions
  • sample letters and instructions on how the newborn pre-enrolment code will operate in the various practice management systems.

Tick for Kids: It takes a child to raise a country!

Tick for kids is a campaign designed to make children's rights and interests a central focus of the 2014 election campaign and the 2014-2017 parliamentary term. The campaign will be driven through local community-based action and activities.

Tick for Kids Toolkit pdf (PDF 3.8MB)

Well Child/Tamariki Ora Atlas

A new online tool produced by the Health Quality & Safety Commission gives New Zealanders a clearer overview of how early childhood health services work for children and their families. Using data supplied by the Ministry of Health, the Commission has developed a Well Child/Tamariki Ora domain for its Atlas of Healthcare Variation.

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Team Around the Child (TAC) Bulletin

This is a UK Newsletter supporting those working with children who have disabilities and their families, with links to professional development opportunities and resources.

Issue 199, June 2017

Issue 198, May 2017

Office of the Chief Nursing Officer Newsletters
Well Child/Tamariki Ora South Island Improvement Project Newsletter

The South Island Well Child Tamariki Ora Quality Improvement Project issues quarterly newsletters. The Project is run by the South Island Alliance of the 5 District Health Boards covering the South Island. The Project aims to enhance and support the national WCTO programme. The newsletters aim to update readers on the latest news and information from the sector. Read the newsletter here.

Paediatric Vaccines Research Review

This Review features key medical articles from global paediatrics and infectious disease journals with commentary from Dr Nikki Turner and Dr Helen Petousis-Harris. The Review covers topics such as polio vaccine, paediatric immunisation schedule, national immunisation programme, pre-exposure prophylaxis, diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis, vaccine immunogenicity and vaccine safety.

Click here to read

Screening Matters - Newsletter of the National Screening Unit 

Child Health Research Review

This Review features key medical articles from global paediatric journals with commentry from Assoc Professor (Hon) Craig Jefferies, Dr Helen Evans and Dr Jonathon Bishop. The Review covers topics such as paediatric endocrinology, nephrology, pharmacology, fractures, immunology, adolescent health, and paediatric neuropsychology.Research Review publications are free to receive for all NZ health professionals.  Sign Up Here to receive the publication on a regular basis.View back issues of Child Health Research Review publications here.  Also below are reviews of recent international medical conferences, new medicines, speaker events and other relevant publications.

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Other relevant resources

Tackling Obesity - NZ Medical Association

This policy briefing from the NZ Medical Association about tackling obesity has some very useful information specifically surrounding childhood obesity, professional responsibilities and the complexity of the problem.

Click to read/download:

Or download fromthe NZMA website here:

Health determinant data for South Island Children and Youth Report

Flyer - Rheumatic fever e-learning course (PDF, 149KB)

What works for reducing the impact of alcohol and family violence

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