Research Updates

Information regarding the research being done within New Zealand NICU’s (unit specific, National and International) would be worthwhile to share amongst the NNCA Membership.

Valuable information would be:

  • a brief summary of the audit, trial, research
  • time frame
  • number of subjects involved.
  • results
  • where to access further information

Please forward your research information through to Rosanne Grillo, NZNO Administrator for NNCA,

Once reviewed by the NNCA executive committee, it will be made available to membership via the Website and Quarterly Newsletter.

Vitamin D in Pregnancy and Infancy

The Ministry of Health has released advice on sun exposure for pregnant women and infants, together with identification of those high risk of vitamin D deficiency and recommondations for vitamin D supplementation.

For further information please click on the links below:

Link to Current Research of Interest

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