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Position Statement on Human Milk Banking

Position Statement on Human Milk Banking (PDF, 425KB)

Position Statelment on Neonatal Workforce and Education Requirements

Position Statement on Neonatal Workforce and Education Requirements to meet Core Competencies and PD Requirements (PDF, 323KB)

Neonatal Palliative Care for NZ Neonatal Units

Download: Neonatal Palliative Care (Final) (PDF 2.9MB)

 Neo - BFHI Core Document

Download: Neo - BFHI for Neonatal Wards


Neonatal Nurses College of Aotearoa submission on the Infant Nutrition Council application

Download the Submission on the Infant Nutrition Council application (PDF, 79KB)

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NNCA Documents

NNCA Rules with committee roles

Download NNCA rules with committee roles (PDF, 187KB)

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Other Relevant Information

New guides from the office of the Privacy Commission

Two new useful guides from the Office of the Privacy Commissioner related to information sharing about vulnerable children

  • Sharing personal information of families and vulnerable children: a guide for interdisciplinary groups

  • The escalation ladder infographic ......(for making decisions about disclosure)

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Changes to the National Immunisation Schedule

PHARMAC is pleased to announce decisions related to the National Immunisation Schedule (NIS) that will take effect from 1 July 2014.
Click to download/read (PDF 197KB)

Immunisation updates - Ministry of Health

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Infant Formula Information

Ministry for Primary Industries Revised Director General Statement Animal Products 1999 and the Food Act 1991
Click to download/read (DOC 180KB)

Whey Protein Contamination: Information to Parents and Health Advice
Click to download/read (PDF 128KB)

Nutricia Precautionary Product Recall
Click to download/read (PDF 99KB)

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The Global Perspective - New Zealand's Commitment 2010

Global Issues - Karien Mannering Presentation (PDF, 2795KB)

NNCA would like to acknowledge Wendy Hines (past NNCA committee member and ex-chair) for her outstanding contribution to the founding stages of this project. She is the author of the following presentation, that was delivered at the COINN conference in Durban 2010, and The national Neonatal Conference in Auckland 2010.

The Global Perspective (PDF 3,889KB)

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