Enrolled Nurse Section (NZNO)

Welcome to the official website of the National Enrolled Nurses Section, which is intended as a resource for all Enrolled Nurses in New Zealand and the world over.

Mission Statement

  • The Enrolled Nurse Section NZNO is the professional recognised  group within NZNO  for Enrolled  Nurses promoting the role and value of the Enrolled Nurse in all areas of health care in Aotearoa New Zealand,
  • The section influences health policy, promoting health workforce development etc by lobbying relevant organisations.
  • Our members are Enrolled Nurses.
  • Our Enrolled Nurse members are united in the achievement of their professional and industrial aspirations
  • Our Enrolled Nurse members enhance the health and wellbeing of all people of Aotearoa New Zealand through ethically based partnerships
  • The Enrolled Nurse Section NZNO actively works in accordance with Te Tiriti o Waitangi


The Enrolled Nurse Section will be the key stakeholder and the lead voice for Enrolled Nurses in the formation/development of policy related to enrolled nursing practice in Aotearoa New Zealand.

What is the Enrolled Nurse Section?

A professional organisation representing Enrolled Nurses in New Zealand.

Your opportunity

The Enrolled Nurse Section provides Enrolled Nurses with an excellent opportunity to get valuable support and to share information and concerns.

The section promotes the professional, educational and economic welfare of all Enrolled Nurses.

In addition to promoting the profession, the section also lobbies and works towards:

  • Biculturalism
  • Continuation of the enrolled nurse role
  • Promotion of the value enrolled nurses have in the health system
  • Monitoring legislation affecting enrolled nurses
  • Opportunities for continuing education for enrolled nurses

What are the issues for Enrolled Nurses?

  • Maintaining their professional status and current roles
  • Increasing their knowledge, expertise and opportunites
  • Ensuring employers, colleagues, regulatory bodies and the public recognise their skills and knowledge
  • Recommencing the full Enrolled Nurse Training
  • Working with regulatory bodies to enhance the scope of practice
  • Developing a national standardised Professional Development and Recognition Programme
  • Maintaining and developing a national standard of practice for enrolled nurses
  • Ensuring Enrolled Nurses have the opportunity to present portfolios for their Competency Based Practising Certificates with participation in Nursing Council of New Zealand accredited Professional Development Recognition Programmes (PDRPs)
  • Ensure that we have the title of Enrolled Nurse for all second level nurses in New Zealand.

Our aims and objectives

  • To be the recognised professional organisation of all Enrolled Nurses in New Zealand
  • To recruit nurses practicing, identifying with, and/or interested in Enrolled Nursing care to belong to the Enrolled Nurse Section NZNO.
  • To practice within the articles of te Tiriti o Waitangi.
  • To develop and disseminate Standards of Practice for Enrolled Nurses.
  • To co-ordinate the activities of the Regional Sections for Enrolled Nurses, informing those regions on matters that are of prime concern to them, and to support those regional sections and individuals in time of crisis.
  • To represent to New Zealand Nurses Organisation (Inc) (NZNO) the views and feelings of those Sections/Regions on matters specifically pertaining to the interest of Enrolled Nurses.
  • To provide a communication network for all members including regular Newsletters, Conferences and disseminating information on issues pertaining to Enrolled Nursing care.
  • To liaise with appropriate authorities on social and health issues relevant to Enrolled Nursing and community health.
  • To encourage, promote and provide the development of educational programmes seminars/study days for Enrolled Nurses .
  • To encourage and support research into Enrolled Nursing issues.
  • To actively facilitate the ongoing strategic and professional development of Enrolled Nurses in conjunction with NZNO and appropriate health authorities.
  • To promote Enrolled Nursing care and increase the profile of Enrolled Nurses.
  • To communicate and liaise with other Enrolled Nurse organisations at a national and international level.
  • To support the objectives, policy and activities of NZNO.
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