Enrolled Nurse Section Education Fund

The Enrolled Nurse Section NZNO is pleased to offer a small education fund available to section members. The funding is to assist members with study, training days, courses or conferences that will expand the member’s knowledge and positively enhance the care of their patients/clients, family and whanau.

  • Enrolled Nurses who are current members of the Section for a minimum of 6 months
  • The money goes to the person who applied and cannot be transferred to another person in an organisation.
  • Applications must be received prior to committee meetings, by 1 February, 1 May, 1 August and 1 November each year.
  • A section member can only apply every 2 years.
  • $200 per person is the maximum contribution.
  • $3000 per annum allocated to the education fund.
  • All recipients of funding must provide the committee with a report about their programme/course when completed.

The applications are assessed quarterly at the Enrolled Nurse Section National Committee face to face meetings or via Zoom. The meeting dates vary each year. Please contact the administrative support person or secretary if you have not received any correspondence about your application within 4 weeks of sending it. (Admin support contact details are at the end of the application form).

We also have another education fund available specifically for Māori and Pacifica Enrolled Nurses who are current members of the section.

Scholarships and grants available from NZNO

Several of the scholarships administered by the New Zealand Nurses Organisation and the Nursing Education Research Foundation (NERF) are open to Enrolled Nurses.

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