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Welcome to the NZNO Pay Equity page. Here you will find information related to the proposed Nursing Pay Equity settlement released on Friday 8 April 2022 to all DHB employees covered by the Nursing Pay Equity claim, including DHB employees who do not belong to a union.


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In case you missed it, click the left image to view an Ask and Answer session where Chief Executive Paul Goulter, DHB Industrial Advisor David Wait, and Campaigns Advisor Katy Watabe answer questions about the Pay Equity offer, including more information on going to the Employment Relations Authority.

Download the proposed Nursing Pay Equity settlement.

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Update 10 June - Peter Cranney Zoom session

Watch NZNO's Pay Equity lawyer Peter Cranney explain the ERA filing process here.

Watch David Wait talk about NZNO's legal representation moving forward.

Helpful documents

More information can be found on our Nursing Pay Equity partners' websites

Explanatory videos

NZNO Industrial Services Manager Glenda Alexander talks through our PowerPoint presentation explaining the proposed Nursing Pay Equity settlement. You can download the PowerPoint presentation above.
NZNO Kaiwhakahaere Kerri Nuku and President Anne Daniels talk about the proposed Nursing Pay Equity settlement; how it will help address the nursing shortage; and how DHB Pay Equity pay rates must now be extended to all nurses in Aotearoa regardless of where they practise.
Nurse Practitioner and NZNO member Mark Baldwin was part of the Nursing Pay Equity negotiation team. He talks through the process of how comparators were found and assessed, and how the proposed settlement agreement was reached.
Registered nurse and NZNO member Julie Pritchard was part of the Nursing Pay Equity negotiation team. She talks briefly about what the Proposed Nursing Pay Equity Settlement will mean for nursing in Aotearoa New Zealand.