The Nursing Council of New Zealand ('the Council')’s role is to ensure the competence of nurses in order to protect public safety.

Under the Health Practitioners Competence Assurance Act 2003 ('the Act'), the Council may review the competence of a nurse if she or he has not maintained the required standard of competence; if there is evidence to suggest the nurse’s practice poses a risk of harm to the public; or at any other time.

Full information on competence review process can be found on the Nursing Council website.

If you are an NZNO member and receive a notification letter from the Council advising you that they are investigating your competence to practise as a nurse, you should contact the NZNO Competency Review Advisor before responding to the Nursing Council’s letter on

The Competency Review Advisor will advise you and support you to make a response to the Nursing Council letter.

Competency Review

If you receive a letter advising that the Nursing Council has decided to review your competence to practise under section 36(1) of the Act, as an NZNO member you are eligible for support through the competence review process including:

  • Help with submissions
  • Support during the competency review hearing
  • Follow - up support to meet any requirements that are made a result of the review.