Nursing Education

NZNO is committed to supporting and improving Nursing Education in New Zealand. It is well understood that the nursing education environment is complex and varied, and is affected by both the education and health systems.

Here we provide a collection of links to websites and resources that may be of use and interest to you in your educational endeavours. 

The list of sites is by no means exhaustive. It is up to the individual to assess the relevance and application of the content to their own practice.  While we do our best to ensure the links are correct, NZNO accepts no responsibility for the accuracy of information found on any of these sites.

It is our recommendation that you assess the valid application of all information to New Zealand settings through discussion with your peers, available evidence and common sense.

We wish you well in your continuing journey towards improving patient health outcomes through safe and informed practice.

Our education philosophy

Education involves active learning - participants add meaning to their life and the lives of others. Being engaged with the learning process is fundamental to developing new thinking. 

Vital components to the process are:

  • motivation
  • relevance
  • inspiration
  • flexibility

Our attitude and openness to change fuels what we do and don’t learn, and what we do and don’t integrate from those lessons offered.  

Making choices that enhance our interplay with our work and within our daily lives reflects the attitudes we bring to our learning and potential growth.