Harmless nursing chat or alienating attitudes?

Six scenarios explore some unsafe nursing views and ways to confront them.

Racism 1 (0:00): Māori/Pākehā relations – Who’s getting a fair go in this country?

Racism 2 (2:39): Overseas Nurses – How do overseas-trained nurses fare in New Zealand clinical settings?

Racism 3 (5:27): Do we really want to go backwards? – Attitudes towards a pacific patient and her family

Sizism - Too big for care (8:16): Looking after a woman of size

Homophobia 1 (11:23): Homophobic attitudes can take various guises

Homophobia 2 (13:34): Protecting a patient’s privacy

This video was produced by the New Zealand Nurses Organisation to mark 20 years of including cultural safety training in nursing and midwifery education curricula in Aotearoa New Zealand.


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