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Nursing Education and Research Foundation

The Nursing Education and Research Foundation (NERF) supports New Zealand nurses, midwives and students of nursing and midwifery with Scholarships and Grants

It was set up in 1968 with philanthropic intent as a registered charitable trust, and is registered with the Charities Commission (registration number: CC11458).

Origins and donors

The origins of NERF can be traced back to donations placed in a memorial fund established by NZNO to commemorate the life and work of Flora J Cameron OBE (former Director, Division of Nursing) who died in 1966. These donations formed the basis of a permanent fund which would provide New Zealand nurses with travel grants, scholarships and other assistance to enhance opportunities for continuing education, professional development and research.

Since its inception NERF has received a number of bequests and donations. Information about some of NERFs benefactors follows:

Thanks to these and many other generous supporters, NERF is able to help many New Zealand nurses, midwives and students of nursing and midwifery further their careers.


All activities of NERF are controlled by a Trust Deed. The Deed is managed by a Board of Trustees of eight people including 4 NZNO Representatives, 1 member of NERF Associates, 1 lay person and 1 person with business experience. NZNO provides all administrative support through the NERF Board.

Scholarship reports

Scholarship and Grant recipients report back to NERF about what they have achieved with the funding they received. Examples of research and projects funded by NERF include:

  • Where are we? Workplace communication between RNs in culturally diverse healthcare organisations (Margaret Brunton, recipient McCutchan Trust Scholarship, 2015)
  • Development of positive nurse sensitive outcome indicators (Philippa Seaton, recipient McCutchan Trust scholarship, 2013)
  • Improving the health of children through improving the primary-secondary interface for child health (Judy McHardy, recipient Margaret May Blackwell Travel Fellowship, 2012)
  • A report on evidence-based nursing information for New Zealand practice nurses (Cheryl Ingram-Clarke, recipient NERF research scholarship, 2013)

See Scholarship Reports for more details or get more information about Scholarships and Grants.

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