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NZMA Code of Ethics Consultation

The New Zealand Medical Association is reviewing their Code of Ethics which has been through a rigorous internal review process guided by the NZMA’s Ethics Committee. The NZMA are now seeking feedback on the revised draft Code.

Please note that changes to the Code of Ethics arising from the internal review are relatively minor, with most recommendations in the 2008 Code unchanged. To help your review, all changes arising from the update are highlighted in yellow in the draft and are also summarised below:

  • A new recommendation on when it is appropriate to access patient data has been added (#4)
  • Further emphasis has been given to the importance of data security (#6)
  • A new recommendation relating to remote consultation has been added (#23)
  • A new recommendation about personal conduct and professional responsibility has been added (#32)
  • A new recommendation about the use of social media has been added (#46)
  • A new heading ‘Doctors in a Just and Caring Society’ has been added, with several relevant recommendations shifted here from other headings. New recommendations pertaining to equity (#71) and advocacy (#72) have been added under this section.
  • The former heading ‘Medical Responsibilities in Prioritising Care’ has been deleted, with the relevant clauses moved elsewhere in the Code.

Feedback Due: 28 March 2013 to Jill Clendon