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Employment Relations Amendment Bill

The Employment Relations Act 2000 is the core legislation covering conditions of work and the rights and obligations of employers and employees.  NZNO is seeking your feedback on this bill which aims to amend the Act in relation to collective bargaining, flexible working arrangements, good faith bargaining, rest break and meal break provisions, and the Employment Relations Authority.  The Bill also introduces an exemption from certain requirements of Part 6A of the Act (relating to continuity of employment) for small to medium enterprises.

A link to the Bills's Digest - a summary of the bill - and the regulatory impact statement, may be found on the right hands side of the page link above. NZNO employment lawyer Jock Lawrie has also provided a commentary on the bill and its significance to NZNO members here

Your feedback is important. You can comment on any aspect of the changes, and how they may directly affect you, the way you do your job, or wider issues such as the impact on workplace relations, New Zealand employment, health, nursing etc.

You may like to consider in particular the effect of proposed changes which would enable employers

  • to seek direction from the Authority that bargaining has concluded, at which point bargaining which point the employer may walk away from the bargaining
  • to opt out of Multi Employer Collective Agreements (like the DHB MECA) 

Please send comments to Policy analyst Marilyn Head, 04 494 6372 by July 5, 2013.