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Review of Burial and Cremation Act 1964

The Law Commission welcomes the opportunity to review the second issues paper that focuses on the legal framework of burial and cremation.  The second Issues paper has been researched over a 2 year period with preliminary consultation with the Ministry of Health (which administers the Act), local authorities, the cemetery and funeral sector, experts in Māori customary law and representatives of various ethnic communities. 

Among the major reforms for public debate are proposals to open the cemetery sector up to alternative providers, including those wishing to establish eco or natural burial sites, and allowing for New Zealanders to be buried on private land such as a family farm.

The Issues Paper for the review of the Burial and Cremation Act is divided into four parts, with parts 2-4 containing consultation questions.

Feedback Due: Please send comments to Policy Advisor, Leanne Manson,, 04 494 6389 by December 6, 2013

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