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FSANZ - Minimum Age Labelling of Foods for Infants

Proposal P274 – Minimum Age Labelling of Foods for Infants FSANZ is proposing to align the labelling requirements of the infant foods of the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code with the current infant feeding guidelines in both countries. The issue is the label recommendation of the age at which babies should move to solid food from breast milk. Allergy risk is increased with solid foods introduced to infants before four months; the critical period of risk is 4 -7 months, but evidence is not conclusive according to the consultation paper link below consultation paper. Randomised trials are currently underway.

Proposed amendments to Standard 2.9.2 include

  • youngest minimum age declaration required on a label of an infant food is ‘around 6 months’ and for this wording to be displayed on first-stage weaning foods
  • the age (number) should always appear on the front of the food label.
  • A warning statement ‘not before 4 months of age’ is proposed to apply only to foods labelled as ‘around 6 months’ however, the placement of that statement need not be in association with the minimum age statement.

FSANZ notes that a statement indicating the consistency of the food continues to be required. Consequential amendments and a small number of corrections to the Standard are also proposed.

Feedback Due: Please send comments to Policy Analyst, Marilyn Head, 04 494 6372 by November 1, 2013

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