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Towards An Equitable Primary Health Care Policy for all New Zealanders.

Is it possible to reverse the trend towards increasing health disparities between rich and poor, employed and unemployed, Pakeha and Maori, Pacific and Asian, urban and rural, young and old, people with and without disabilities?  How can we ensure that th/ose who have the potential to benefit most from good primary health care receive it?

Professor Don Matheson, Massey University, along with other eminent health researchers and practitioners, believes that   "New Zealand people have the potential to be the healthiest in the world and have the highest quality of health care in the world. This goal is achievable now, irrespective of the export price for milk, the level of GDP, the DHB deficits, or awaiting the latest high tech cure."

This paper "outlines a primary health care policy that will lower access barriers and build high quality sustainable health services."  

NZNO seeking feedback from nurses about the recommendations made - this is election year - have your say now!

Feedback Due: Please send comments to Policy Analyst, Marilyn Head, 04 494 6372 by February 28, 2013

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