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Smokefree Environments (Tobacco Plain Packaging) Amendment Bill

The Health Select Committee is welcoming submissions for the Smokefree Environments (Tobacco Plain Packaging) Amendment bill.  The key objectives of the new legislation are to:

  1. reduce the appeal of tobacco products and smoking, particularly for young people,
  2. further reduce any wider social acceptance and approval of smoking and tobacco products
  3. increase the noticeability and effectiveness of mandated health warning messages and images; and
  4. reduce the likelihood that consumers might acquire false perceptions about the harms caused by tobacco projects.

The Smokefree Coalition, (of which NZNO is a member) has produced a plain pack submission and media toolkit (see link below) to assist those members who wish to submit an individual response, with ensuring clear and consistent messages are maintained.

Feedback Due: For those members who wish to provide comments for NZNO submission please send to Leanne Manson, Policy Analyst Māori, or 4946389 or via MSC 0800 283848, by 14 March 2014.