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PHARMAC Decision Criteria - Proposals for Change

Following a first round of consultation, PHARMAC has developed proposals for change to the current decision criteria for its funding decisions. PHARMAC 's role has expanded to include new areas such as hospital medicines vaccines and medical devices and the proposed decision criteria will apply to these areas too. The document can be accessed here

The key change from the previous list of criteria is having:

  • a high level summary of what PHARMAC thinks about  when making decisions,
  • an outline of 'factors for consideration' and how they are applied
  • a decision making matrix, which is placed within a
  • broad operational framework.

Other changes include broadening the scope in relation ot populations with health disparities, removing criterion 9 (i.e. "other criteria PHARMAC thinks fit) and rewording the "factors for consideration". A supporting information document will also be developed. 

Your feedback on this very important document which determines how a significant proportion of health resources will be allocated, is important.

Feedback Due: Please send comments to Policy Analyst, Marilyn Head 04 494 6372 by April 10 2014.