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Health Claims - Formulated Supplementary Sports Foods & Electrolyte Drinks

Health Claims – Formulated Supplementary Sports Foods & Electrolyte Drinks

FSANZ is proposing a draft variation to the Code to permit formulated supplementary sports foods (FSSFs), Electrolyte drinks (EDs) and electrolyte drink bases to carry (self-substantiated) health claims as per standard 1.27 which permits health claims consistent with their purpose in this case, that they are useful before during or after sustained strenuous exercise.

The draft variation also proposes transferring the regulation of EDs from Standard 2.6.2 to Standard 2.9.4 which recognises the purpose of EDs as foods especially formulated for strenuous physical activity rather than as lifestyle products.   This means EDs will be required, through labelling and advertising to have information "to assist consumer understanding of the intended special purpose of the food" etc.

Nurses' experience and observations of the uptake of health drinks by various population groups  and health impact of these supplementary foods and drinks would be appreciated.  

Consultation closed on 29 September 2014

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