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NEAC - Cross sectoral ethics arrangements for health and disability research

NEAC is seeking feedback on the current health and disability research ethics arrangements, including the responsibility for ethical health and disability research and the standards, processes and structures that support this responsibility. The discussion document link outlines issues across six areas:

  • The complex research ethics landscape
  • Māori and health research
  • Alternative ethical review structures
  • Peer review for scientific validity
  • Audit and audit-related activity
  • Innovative practice.

Some of these issues relate to the 2012 changes to the Health and Disability Ethics Committees, but this work is not intended as a review of those changes. Feedback will, however, also inform NEAC’s 2015 review of its Ethical Guidelines for Observational Studies and Ethical Guidelines for Intervention Studies.

The discussion document and submission questions can be accessed from the NEAC’s website here:

Feedback due: Please send comments to Leanne Mason, Policy Adviser - Māori, by 20 February 2015.

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