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Inquiry into Parliament's Legislative Response to Future National Emergencies

The purpose of this inquiry is to establish the most appropriate legislative model for enabling and facilitating response to and recovery from national emergencies once a state of emergency has been lifted, while maintaining consistency with essential constitutional principles, the rule of law, and good legislative practice.

The terms of reference are quite extensive and include consideration of “lessons learned from the implementation of recovery legislation after the Canterbury earthquakes”, but note that the focus of the inquiry is on the use executive power and delegated legislation i.e. the duties and powers of parliament in response to emergencies. 

Public health is central to emergency response and recovery. This inquiry gives an opportunity to comment on parliament’s law-making powers in relation to the public health systems that are in place to meet future national emergencies. You may want to think about parliament’s duties and powers in relation to dealing with specific emergencies eg our ability to respond to a pandemic, or the Christchurch  earthquakes (examples are useful),  as well as more broadly in terms of ensuring  capacity, appropriate workforce planning and regulation etc.     

The terms of reference can be found online at

Feedback Due: Please send comments to Marilyn Head, by May 31st 2015

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