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Select Committee - Inquiry into 2014 General Election

After each election, a multi-party select committee conducts an inquiry into the legal and administrative aspects of that election. The terms of reference for the inquiry in 2015 are very broad: "To examine the law and administrative procedures for the conduct of Parliamentary elections in light of the 2014 general election". No specific questions are asked nor comment sought on any particular aspect of the law or administration of Parliamentary elections.

The electoral system is fundamental to our social democracy and it must function in the fairest and most inclusive way possible. You may wish to consider the low voter turnout (<70 percent), particularly of young people, and the implications of that trend; outcomes in terms of fair political representation for women, Māori and others;  how the election was conducted, including information and provision for enrolment on either the general or Māori  roll, information about the election, access to polling booths (particularly in hospitals, rural areas), access for people with disabilities including mental disabilities),  who voted and who didn’t vote, etc., failures, omissions etc. You may also make suggestions for improvement.

Feedback Due: Please send comments to Marilyn Head, by 24 March 2015

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