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Voluntary Bonding Scheme 2016 Terms and Conditions Stakeholder Consultation

Each year Health Workforce New Zealand (HWNZ) reviews the Terms and Conditions of the Voluntary Bonding Scheme to ensure it is aligned with current and forecasted hard-to-staff geographic areas and specialties.  

Their review for the 2016 intake (i.e. health professionals who will graduate in 2015) is now underway and they are seeking comment on the hard-to-staff communities and specialties and general comments on the current Terms and Conditions for each profession under the Scheme.  

HWNZ intends to publish the 2016 Terms and Conditions this year to align more closely with timeframes for DHB recruitment and the selection of preferred positions through the Advanced Choice of Employment process.

Feedback provided will inform recommendations made to the Minister of Health for final decision on the 2016 Terms and Conditions.

Please find below the feedback forms in regard to nurses and midwives that may help you to form your submission. Further forms on doctors, dentists, and other health professionals are available on request.  Comments should include consideration of high vacancy rates, high use of casual staff, use of locums, overseas trained staff and projected workforce demand.  

Further information can be found at:

We encourage you to submit on these documents. In particular, do you think the rural locations and specialties advised are appropriate and is there further information we should be telling the Ministry?

Feedback Due: Please send comments to by Friday 5 June 2015

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