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Children’s Workforce - Core competencies discussion document, May 2015.

Core Competency Framework for the children’s workforce

The Children’s Action Plan sets out a programme of action to change the way we work to protect vulnerable children by putting them at the centre of everything we do. The key objective is to keep vulnerable children safe before they come to harm so they can thrive, achieve and belong.

The government has done significant work on many areas outlined in the Children’s Action Plan and are now seeking our feedback on a proposed core competency framework for all those who work with children.

The proposal is to develop a set of shared core competencies for everyone in the children’s workforce. These competencies will be in addition to those competencies required for registration or enrolment with a regulatory body.

It is envisaged that the framework will include tiers of competence so as to reflect the different levels of skills and knowledge required of all the workers who make up the children’s workforce estimated to be at least 370,000 people (paid and unpaid). The government is seeking feedback on this and other areas for development.

The feedback document is relatively straight forward to complete and should only take a few minutes of your time. We would appreciate as many people as possible completing it and returning it to Marilyn Head at the email below by 12 June so that we can collate everyone’s responses and provide a cohesive response from NZNO.

Please send comments to by 12 June, 2015