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RE Health Information Standards Organisations

HISO has requested feedback on a number of standards related to health information.

We are invited to comment and make proposals on the text of these standards before they are published. All are technical standards for interoperability between computer systems.

HISO 10013:2015 HL7 Standards Endorsement - an update to the original statement of endorsement for HL7 standards published in 2005, now to recognise HL7 Fast Health Interoperability Resources (FHIR) as an emerging standard for connected health web services. Feedback due 1 June.

HISO 10008.1:2015 Pathology and Radiology Messaging Implementation Guide
HISO 10008.2:2015 Pathology and Radiology Messaging Standard - an update to the HL7 based standard for sending and receiving lab test orders and results. Feedback due 8 June.

HISO 10011.4:2015 eDischarge Messaging Standard - an update to the existing messaging standard for sending a discharge summary in human readable and computable formats to community based providers. Feedback due 15 June.

HISO 10050.2:2015 Maternity Care Summary Standard - a standard for interoperability between the new national Maternity Clinical Information System (MCIS) and community based information systems. Feedback due 22 June.

While these are very technical standards, they can make a significant difference to the way nurses, nurse practitioners and midwives practice. For example the coding found in the eDischarge messaging refers to GP not health practitioner. This can be problematic for NPs who have made referrals to secondary services but are then precluded from receiving feedback from the service because they are not a ‘GP’.

We look forward to your feedback on any other areas of concern.

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