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Ministry of Primary Industries Total Diet Survey

The Ministry of Primary Industries is undertaking a survey of the New Zealand diet and are seeking feedback on their plan. The draft plan includes discussion on the objectives of the study, the priority chemicals to be surveyed, key foods to be sampled, the simulated diet approach, and a proposed timeframe. As part of the process, MPI wants to know whether: the list of chemicals proposed for analysis is sufficient; changes should be made to the key foods list; there are any population groups which are missing; and if there is any new data on infants, children and adolescents to help inform the simulated diets.

The link to the draft document is available here: 2016 NZ Total Diet Study.

The consultation submission form can be found in Appendix One of the consultation document.

Submissions are due by 5pm, Monday 12 October 2015, and can be emailed directly to: