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ACC Proposed Quality Indicator Measures

ACC is considering adding new Quality Indicator measures to the next Elective Surgery contracts and we want to make sure that what we’re proposing is aligned with what our member organisations may already have in place. We’d also like to know if you can see any issues with what we’re proposing before we confirm which measures to include.

Currently ACC has limited visibility of the quality of Elective Services being provided by our elective surgery vendors and providers. The reporting measures in the current elective surgery contract need updating. To support our drive for continuous quality improvement, we need assurance that patient safety is being monitored and reported on and that we are purchasing quality services.

Attached are 14 proposed quality indicators we compiled based on advice and discussions with the New Zealand Health Quality & Safety Commission, along with information from the New Zealand Private Hospital Surgical Association and a sample of Australian hospitals

We’ve also attached two sets of questions. The first is to seek your comments on the Quality Indicators and the second is to ask about current practices of some of your member organisations.

Feedback due: Please send feedback to Jill Clendon at by 2 November 2015