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Ministry of Transport - What is our transport future?

The Ministry of Transport is taking a whole of system, long-term view of the future of transport in Aotearoa and is seeking your ideas for the future of transport. They want to stimulate wider debate and generate ideas on the possible future of New Zealand’s transport system by sharing our visions of how we think the transport system could look in the future.

A document, videos and questions are available here:

NZNO members and member groups are strongly encouraged to participate and particularly to

  • Highlight links between transport and health –cost and mobility, access to services, air quality/respiratory conditions, impact of options to walk or cycle on obesity etc.; 
  • The connection with climate change, particularly the win –win potential of reducing carbon emissions and encouraging healthier environments and lifestyles;
  • The need for an independent Health Impact Assessment of all proposed major transport options.

Please see our earlier submission on climate change.

Feedback due: Please feedback directly to the MoT and/or to Snr Policy Analyst by 30 September 2016.