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MOH National Cervical Screening programme

The National Cervical Screening programme (NCSP) welcomes your feedback on the following DRAFT documents below:

1. NCSP National Policy and Quality Standard – Section 3 (DOC, 2MB) - Cervical screening Services (this now merges Section 3 & 4)

2. Competencies for Cervical Screening Education and Training (DOC, 1MB) (this has been updated to be consistent with the recent review of the NZQA Unit Standard 29556, Conduct Cervical Screening.  

Over the last 4 months a NCSP Cervical Screening National Policy and Quality Standards (NPQS) working group has provided expert advice to the National Screening Unit (NSU) on relevant policy and standards documents related to cervical screening.  

Feedback due: Please send feedback to by 21 October 2016.

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