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Draft Children and Young People Advertising Code

The ASA invites further feedback on its earlier consultation (April, 2016) on two significant changes included in the draft code for advertising to children:

1)    How to identify advertisements that target children
the draft code proposes that  advertisement will be deemed to be targeting children or young people if they comprise 25% or more of the audience. Comment is sought on whether a percentage share of the audience is the right approach to trigger the Code.  Comment is also sought on each medium’s ability to breakdown and report separately on the two specific audiences proposed in the code – Children under 14 years and young people aged 14 to under 18 years. 

2)    Definition of “occasional food and beverage products”.
The Food and Beverage Classification System (FBCS) (PDF 1.5MB) has been suggested as an interim step to establishing a fit for purpose system for New Zealand. The ASA would appreciate comments from submitters on the use of the FBCS as the interim system.

You can read the final report of the children’s codes review here:  Report of the Panel (PDF 832KB)

Please send feedback to by 2 December 2016.