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Health and Disability Service Standards Review 2017 – short survey

The Ministry of Health is undertaking its three yearly review of the Health and Disability Service Standards.  Feedback is sought via a short survey; members are welcome to submit directly and/or to NZNO.

Note: In 2013 NZNO recommended that all standards be amended to include:

  • accountable measures for ensuring safe staffing in all health services i.e. that there are appropriate systems to ensure sufficient staff with the right skill mix (education, training, experience) and resources (e.g. assessment tools, care capacity demand management) to meet patient numbers and acuity;
  • that the amendments should apply to the standards for safe and appropriate environment; and continuum of care; and
  • that the amendments should apply to all services.

A recommendation for a mandatory standard for safe Aged-Care and Dementia-Care services is part of NZNO’s manifesto.

View the service standards

View the 2017 survey

Please send feedback to by 28 July 2017.