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National Health Index (NHI) Number Format Change and Allied Health Data Set Draft Standard

NZNO is seeking your feedback on two brief consultation documents from the Health Information Standards Organisation (HISO) available here:

  1. National Health Index (NHI) Number Format Change

HISO has identified a need to extend the range of NHI numbers for future use.  A number of options have been considered. The recommended option is to change the check digit algorithm and number format from AAANNNN to AAANNAA

  • The cutover would occur once the existing number range is exhausted; the old format would be retained alongside the new format. 
  • No mapping between NHI numbers would be required.
  • At current allocation rates there would be sufficient NHI numbers to last another 130 years.

Click on the “NHI Number Format Change Public Comment Document” from the above link to download the proposal (scroll down after the public comment form).

  1. Allied Health Data Set Draft Standard.. The Standard defines the minimum data required to be captured by Allied Health staff in DHBs to record patient related clinical activity. It is currently being reviewed to assess and maintain its currency.

You may comment on the standard as a whole or any part of the document. Download the consultation document HERE.

Please forward your feedback on either or both documents by by 30 October 2017 to: