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Legislation for the NZ Police Vetting Service

There is no statutory framework for the Police Vetting service.  A number of recommendations result from a joint review by the Privacy Commissioner and the Police Conduct Authority in 2016 and include establishment of a clearer process for police vetting. 

Concerns raised in 2017 by NZNO members about information made available to employers as the result of police vetting to meet the requirements of the Vulnerable Children Act (2014) have been explored by organisers and the legal team.  Member concerns include:

  • The definition of relevant information disclosed to employers as the result of the police vetting process (pvp)
  • The appropriateness of disclosing red flags including family violence red flags
  • The different legislative requirements of the Privacy Act (1993); the Crimes Act (1961) and the Vulnerable Children Act (2014)
  • The security of the information disclosed in the pvp including:
    • Format
    • Storage
    • Access
    • Duration - vetting (safety checks) every 3 years is the current requirement of the VCA

Please see the links for both the public consultation document from the NZ Police and the report from the review of the police vetting service by the Police Conduct Authority and the Privacy Commissioner.

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