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Health and Disability Review

NZNO seeks your feedback on the government’s major review of the health system.

The draft terms of reference for the Health and Disability Review indicate that it will cover:

  • How accessibility can be improved
  • How the system balances services with population density
  • Future-proofing the system - how the system will cope with climate change, technological advancement and antibiotic resistance
  • Whether the system could be fairer, more equitable and effective
  • How global healthcare is evolving
  • How funding could be altered to improve flexibility and reduce inequities
  • Infrastructure needs
  • Increasing the priority of primary care and prevention

Areas outside the draft ToR are:

  • The ACC scheme
  • Private health insurance
  • Disability system

We encourage you to respond to the Review both individually and via Colleges and Sections, Sector groups and Regions etc.

Send feedback to by 12 July 2018, or ASAP if you wish to comment on the ToR.